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In Retrospect

December 2, 2010


He sits beside the window which looks onto the street, watching occasional cars drive past. Blue jays, mockingbirds and starlings conduct their noisy business in the big tree by the street, and now and then a squirrel will scamper past. The sun is declining westward, its full light bathing the entire front of the house. […]

There’s Always Monday

October 1, 2010


Finally the work day was over. And today was Friday, with a whole weekend of freedom ahead. Ann gathered her things and hurried to the train station for the commute home. She had been waiting for this all day. She stood on the platform with all the other commuters, each watching for their trains. She […]


August 26, 2010


For Tia L. Brink * * * They gathered on the bluffs above Ocean Beach to say their final goodbyes to Louise. It was late afternoon, and the cool marine fog was rolling in. Seal Rock was only a dim outline in the surf below. She reveled in the cool fog, looking at her loved […]