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President’s Day

May 3, 2010


He walked up the front path as the limousine drove away. He looked at his mother’s well-kept garden as if seeing it for the first time; roses in full red bloom lined the porch. Clusters of white lilies, interspersed among the roses, bobbed their heads in the warm June breeze, and the two old oak […]

Monday Myth & Mayhem: The Back Yard, Part Six

April 26, 2010


The tent went up. Daddy, Junior, and Porter went into the house, and locked the gate and the kitchen door behind them. Mama and Daddy watched from the kitchen window until Jubal and Lola crawled into the tent. They huddled close to each other by the open tent flaps, and waited for darkness to come. […]

Monday Myth & Mayhem: The Back Yard, Part Five

April 19, 2010


Brenda made a decision. It was a waste not to use the back yard. It was spacious and pretty, even though no food or flowers except for the honeysuckle and a few plums would grow there. She and Kenny had worked, scrimped, and saved to give their children this nice house and this big back […]

Monday Myth & Mayhem: The Back Yard, Part Four

April 12, 2010


Kenny hated this time of year. It was hot, the air conditioner only halfway worked, all the kids were hanging around, and Brenda came home late at night three or four times a week. That left him to take care of everything by himself. It wasn’t right. She was the mother, she should be here […]

Monday Myth & Mayhem: The Back Yard, Part Three

April 5, 2010


In which we we meet the two older brothers. Junior would be thirteen in two weeks. He was the oldest now, since Katie died. He and Porter, who was eleven, slept in the attic and forbade anyone else to enter there. That made them kings, because Jubal slept on Junior’s old, creaky bed in the […]

Monday Myth & Mayhem: The Back Yard, Part Two

March 29, 2010


In which we meet Mama… Her children were a burden. There were too many of them. It was better now that Katie was gone, less mouths to put bread in, but it was worse, too. Now she had no one but herself to look after the two youngest ones, born ten months apart, who were […]

Monday Myth & Mayhem: The Back Yard, Part One

March 22, 2010


Welcome to Monday Myth & Mayhem! This will be a regular weekly feature where I present new pieces, or at least installments of longer new pieces, as I’m doing with this one. “The Back Yard” appeared several years ago in Bewildering Stories Magazine. So this one isn’t new, but it has pride of place as my […]