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April 29, 2010


It was spring in the desert. There had been good rain during the winter, and the valley had sprung to quick and sudden life. The foothills were full of color with the cacti and tough wildflowers in bloom, and there was even some green to support all that color. But it wouldn’t last. There was […]

Monday Myth & Mayhem: The Back Yard, Part Six

April 26, 2010


The tent went up. Daddy, Junior, and Porter went into the house, and locked the gate and the kitchen door behind them. Mama and Daddy watched from the kitchen window until Jubal and Lola crawled into the tent. They huddled close to each other by the open tent flaps, and waited for darkness to come. […]

The Old One

April 22, 2010


The villagers watched the column of smoke rising from the cliffs above the sea for two days. It was a bad omen, and the fishermen refused to take the boats out even though the weather was fine. Instead, they milled about with the rest of their neighbors and speculated on the cause of such a […]

Monday Myth & Mayhem: The Back Yard, Part Five

April 19, 2010


Brenda made a decision. It was a waste not to use the back yard. It was spacious and pretty, even though no food or flowers except for the honeysuckle and a few plums would grow there. She and Kenny had worked, scrimped, and saved to give their children this nice house and this big back […]

A Private Collector

April 15, 2010


I did not realize at first that I had begun something. It did not seem like a pastime, an avocation, a hobby. All that happened was that a certain something caught my eye, a luscious trinket that no one else might have ever noticed. I picked it up and held it in my hand, admiring […]

Monday Myth & Mayhem: The Back Yard, Part Four

April 12, 2010


Kenny hated this time of year. It was hot, the air conditioner only halfway worked, all the kids were hanging around, and Brenda came home late at night three or four times a week. That left him to take care of everything by himself. It wasn’t right. She was the mother, she should be here […]

The Faces

April 8, 2010


Everywhere Mary looked, there were faces. As she sat in the doctor’s waiting room, they were peering at her from the wood grain of her chair’s armrests. In the tree outside the window, she saw faces fluttering in the leaves as they brushed against each other in the wind. The face that hid in the […]