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Monday Myth & Mayhem: The Back Yard, Part Two

March 29, 2010


In which we meet Mama… Her children were a burden. There were too many of them. It was better now that Katie was gone, less mouths to put bread in, but it was worse, too. Now she had no one but herself to look after the two youngest ones, born ten months apart, who were […]

On Creative Practice

March 25, 2010


So the reason (one of the major ones, at least) that I started this blog was to give myself a writing routine.  I love to write, and I write all the time. I write in my private journal, post on a beloved forum, comment on the blogs of people I respect and who amaze me. […]

Monday Myth & Mayhem: The Back Yard, Part One

March 22, 2010


Welcome to Monday Myth & Mayhem! This will be a regular weekly feature where I present new pieces, or at least installments of longer new pieces, as I’m doing with this one. “The Back Yard” appeared several years ago in Bewildering Stories Magazine. So this one isn’t new, but it has pride of place as my […]

Monday Myth & Mayhem: In the Blood

March 20, 2010


The nurse woke Evelyn from yet another nap, gripping her wrist to take her pulse. Evelyn scowled at her, resisting her cool, professional hand. “I was sleeping,” she pointed out, her voice weak and hoarse. The nurse ignored her, counting down her sluggish heartbeats. She made a notation on a chart, and looked up at […]