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May 27, 2010


This story is Part 3 in the series Fire and Water. It follows A Storm of Dragons. To read from the beginning, please visit the Index Page. *** Malen woke as the first red rays of the sun reached over the eastern mountains. He felt the emptiness in the bed beside him and smiled, remembering […]

A Storm of Dragons

May 20, 2010


This week’s #FridayFlash was inspired by a #Storystarter by Clifford Fryman. The prompt appears in italics in the story. Be sure to check out the #Storystarters hashtag on Twitter for a wealth of great prompts. This story follows from a previous #FridayFlash, The Old One. Please feel free to read that one as well. *** […]

Blog Post: Magnetic Attraction Analysis 101

May 17, 2010


Here’s something a little different for me. This is a very interesting exercise which makes you take a closer look at what drives you. I was invited to do this post by Josie at safetycomfort, who was inspired to write hers by Kelly Livesay at ARO Networking, who in turn drew it from Danielle LaPorte. […]

The Birthday Gift

May 14, 2010


“Happy birthday, Molly!” Mom and Uncle Bill said it together. Uncle Bill handed her a big box wrapped in shiny pink paper with frothy white bows. Molly’s excitement spiked. Maybe it was Mariposa Barbie with wings. Maybe it was Amazing Allysen or even a Teen Trends doll. Mom had said those were all too expensive, […]

Dreaming of Mother

May 6, 2010


I am dreaming. I know this because my body is sleeping, nearly complete, suspended in the tank that holds the nutritious fluid which builds me. I know I am sleeping because I have never been awake. How do I know? Awareness began for me only a little while ago. I first heard the soft gurgling […]

President’s Day

May 3, 2010


He walked up the front path as the limousine drove away. He looked at his mother’s well-kept garden as if seeing it for the first time; roses in full red bloom lined the porch. Clusters of white lilies, interspersed among the roses, bobbed their heads in the warm June breeze, and the two old oak […]