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Venturing Forth

December 27, 2010


The end of the serial Fire and Water has come at last. It has been a wonderful experience for me, and I hope you’ve enjoyed following the story as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. I want to thank everyone who has read and commented, because your encouragement has kept me going and always means […]

The Snow Child

December 16, 2010


Through long wandering, I arrived in this village in the frigid north in my thirtieth year. I, a native of hot southern climes, came here at harvest time, when the days were still cool and pleasant. I had no wife, no children. These fair-skinned villagers smiled at my sun-ripened swarthiness. They speculated to each other […]

The Ship Builders

December 13, 2010


This story is part 30 of the Fire and Water series. It follows Regeneration. To read from the beginning, please visit the Index Page. * * * When Griel and Maira emerged from the Tilminel Mountains in the north, they found the lower hills covered with new forest growth that stretched as far as the […]

The Idol

December 9, 2010


It was a Saturday like any other: Phoebe’s day off, chores done, restless to get out of the house. She decided to go out and browse her favorite antique shop, which nestled in a row of many such shops on Spring Street. The shop’s dim interior belied the bright sunshine outside, and her eyes took […]


December 6, 2010


This story is Part 29 in the Fire and Water series. It follows The Next Task. To read from the beginning, please visit the Index Page. * * * Sulinor and Zaghran stood close together in the center of the waste that had been her prison. The edges of their true forms flowed in and […]

In Retrospect

December 2, 2010


He sits beside the window which looks onto the street, watching occasional cars drive past. Blue jays, mockingbirds and starlings conduct their noisy business in the big tree by the street, and now and then a squirrel will scamper past. The sun is declining westward, its full light bathing the entire front of the house. […]