Blog Post: Magnetic Attraction Analysis 101

Posted on May 17, 2010


Here’s something a little different for me. This is a very interesting exercise which makes you take a closer look at what drives you.

I was invited to do this post by Josie at safetycomfort, who was inspired to write hers by Kelly Livesay at ARO Networking, who in turn drew it from Danielle LaPorte.

The parts that are bolded are the exercise itself, and the rest are my answers.


Magnetic Attraction Analysis 101

One of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself is: What am I drawn to? Plenty of people are inspirationally challenged – not sure of what lights their fire. Others are so selective about what floats their boat that not much new can get past their preferences.

Whether you’re confused or highly particular, curiosity is a form of power. Use it.

What are you attracted to? Make a list.

These are the things I’m drawn to over and over again:

  1. Mystery. The deep questions that we still can’t answer, even after millennia spent asking them. Also the ones we think we’ve answered, but our explanations have become brittle and insufficient.
  2. The sheer power of nature and its workings, the chaos that generates pattern from the smallest particle to universes we haven’t discovered yet.
  3. Consciousness: what it is, where it can be found, how we come by it, where it is taking us, how we are limited or freed by it.
  4. Water: the sea, the crashing of the surf, the rain, fog, rivers, streams, lakes, wells and springs.
  5. Trees: deep, dark forests, graceful flowering trees like jacaranda and acacia, large wild cacti, crowding shrubs. They are more than we think they are.
  6. Animals of all sorts. I’m most drawn to felines, and tiger and mountain lion are my favorite big cats. But I love all the critters, even snakes and spiders.
  7. The many cultures of our ancestors from the time before history, and how those evolved into the world we have today.
  8. Words: myth, story, oral and written traditions, systems of magic, poetry, speculative fiction; the way the human imagination uses words to express and influence what we see.
  9. I must admit I am fascinated by darkness. The nourishing dark of night when the moon and stars shine and when we rest, as well as the darkness we have within us that is often frightening and unpredictable.
  10. The capacity we have to love and care for each other unconditionally, which appears in the most unlikely times and places, often anonymously, sometimes heroically. The love that exists beyond desire.
  11. Silly, frivolous, healing humor.
  12. Music of all kinds. Even if I don’t particularly like something, I can respect the creative impulse that generated it.
  13. Really good food and the simple, satisfying pleasure of cooking something wonderful.

What’s on your magnetism list? Now ask yourself what’s so interesting, or soothing, or sexy about the things that you gravitate towards. Go with the first thing that enters your mind, no matter how silly or grandiose it may seem.

  1. These things, all of them, give me a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world we find ourselves in.
  2. They make me feel a part of something greatly vaster than I am, part of a tapestry I can’t see completely, but which I always want to know more intimately.
  3. They feed my imagination and inspire me to create some small beauty of my own in gratitude.

and five words to summarize:

Mystery, wonder, creation, gnosis, love.

Being aware of not only what we are attracted to, but why we’re attracted to it, gives us access to the most tender and creative places within ourselves. If you put your finger on the magnetism, you can attract more of what you want into your life.

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