On Creative Practice

Posted on March 25, 2010


So the reason (one of the major ones, at least) that I started this blog was to give myself a writing routine.  I love to write, and I write all the time. I write in my private journal, post on a beloved forum, comment on the blogs of people I respect and who amaze me. I plan stories and write down ideas to be developed “at a later time.” And now Twitter has come along and rocked my world. 🙂

Now that’s all well and good. Journals are absolutely necessary in order to keep your thoughts straight and your sanity intact– have you ever gone back and looked at your thought processes months later? Quite the eye-opener, indeed. And it’s important for your soul to have contact with others of like mind, even if your major venue is the Internet. It gives you a “spiritual tribe,” so to speak, that allows you to realize you’re not as odd as you thought. (Well, maybe I am as odd as I thought, but I choose to believe that’s a good and proper thing.) And for me, this virtual social media thing helps me appreciate all the more those flesh-and-blood friends of mine who stick by me no matter what.

But I’ve been neglecting/avoiding/getting distracted from my creative writing, and the older I get, the more urgently I know that’s why I’m here in the first place. The reasons (or excuses) for the distraction are varied, but they might all boil down to fear… because I know it will alter my life in ways I can’t imagine. I’m not even talking about hoping for the ephemeral, elusive publishing contract, or becoming “known.” I’m talking spiritual, fundamental, personal ways.

Because opening to the creative impulse will change everything about you.

So my little blog is me making a unique place just for this creative energy, giving it free rein to become what it is meant to be. It’s a restructuring of my time and attention so that what is most important about “me” will have the opportunity to evolve and flourish as it will. And this has already begun in delightful, unlooked-for ways. Cheers.

I began writing a new story yesterday, and it’s going very well, thank you. And as is the way with creativity, this tale has taken on a life and intelligence of its own and has gone off in a new direction that’s a little more challenging than the original intent. If I incorporate this new input well, the story will be better for it, but it will stretch my writerly abilities, my talents, if you will, into unknown territory.

And that’s the whole point.

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